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We need your help in continuing to offer these meaningful programs. Every dollar collected goes directly to support the activities and events at the Temple Buddhist Center. We are so grateful!

You can become a member of the Ambassador's Club at Temple Buddhist Center by signing up for recurring giving. Recurring giving utilizes automatic electronic deductions in the amount you determine and on the time schedule you choose.

This type of giving has tremendous financial benefits for the church and assists us in operating more efficiently and economically.

It is easy to sign up for recurring giving!

You can sign-up online by first creating a profile, click here, the system will then lead you through the steps to add the dollar amount and time schedule that you want money taken from your account.

You may also fill out a yellow card (located in the back of each pew rack), which can be dropped in the dana basket, mailed to us or dropped off at the Book Store.

When you are signed-up for recurring giving, you automatically become an Ambassador's Club member and begin receiving club benefits:

15% off all merchandise in the Book Store - not already on sale

Free tickets to events at Unity Temple (one ticket per member available to the first 12 callers)

Ambassador's Club Social Events

Free wedding package for self or immediate family member (daughter or son)

Please know the amount you give to Unity Temple is your choice. We respect that and appreciate the part you play in making this a better world.

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We are located at 707 West 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112, within the Unity Temple on the Plaza building, corner of 47th and Jefferson.

You can reach us at 816-561-4466 X108 or email Janet Taylor at janet@templebuddhistcenter.org

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