Pete "Machik" Potts

Pete has been a sangha member since 2009, when she found herself in the midst of much change. After a 20+ year career in marketing and advertising and moving from SoCal back home to the Midwest, she felt used up, worn out and frustrated, seeking something…..more. Struggling with chronic fear and anxiety, she approached Buddhism in desperation, and came to establish an enthusiastic study and practice that relieved her own suffering a great deal.

Upon taking her refuge, and later her Bodhisattva vows, Pete was given the Dharma name of Machik, after Machig Labdron, the first female Buddhist lineage holder in Tibet. Among other things this 11th century teacher said: “Go to the places that scare you. Help those you think you cannot help.” It’s something our 21st century Machik aspires to do.

So nowadays, Pete does social work, specifically as grief support for SIDS Resources, Inc., helping families experiencing infant loss. She has also trained in chaplaincy at KU Med, with certification through the College of Pastoral Education and Psychotherapy, an experience which she says was life-impacting. Pete is also involved with TBC’s Prison Dharma Project, leading meditations and discussions for Buddhist prisoners in Kansas and Missouri prisons and jails. She’s also a Banneker Buddy, reading and writing with the adorable kindergarten students at Banneker Elementary since 2012 (she highly recommends!).

Pete and her husband Jeff live in Lenexa with their dachshund, Willard. Why a wiener dog? Because we wanted to get a long little doggie.

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