Reverend Ronn McLane (Urgyen Pawo, Pawo Sunya, Thich Tam Khong) is a former resort hotel executive with 20+ years’ management experience and certified in nonprofit financial operations, management and fundraising. He is a practicing Buddhist and serves as Temple Buddhist Center's Executive Director.
"I could have never predicted that my personal journey would lead me here, but I would not change one single thing.  I am grateful for all the teachers in my life.  My Teacher, Most Venerable Sunyananda Dharma has shown me the ongoing benefits of being a teacher with a teacher.  

I take my role as leader and Executive Director of our Temple to heart and feel a great responsibility to all those who entrust us with their spiritual needs.  I am proud to say that we have a strong, thriving community continually embarking on this quest for awakening for the benefit of all beings without one single exception.

If you are thinking about visiting us, please know that everyone is welcome and there is no experience necessary.   We are an integral part of the historic, Unity Temple on the Plaza where diversity is praised and peace and happiness are the rewards."

Office:  816-994-8015

Taiwan 2016

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