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Tam Bi - Zachary Beall

Raised in a rural Kansas Rev. Thich Tam Bi had little exposure to Buddhism until his teenage years when he first experienced meditation though training at a Korean martial arts school. With very little in the way of resources or people to learn more from, Rev. Tam Bi turned to the internet to guide him in his practice, and to learn more about Buddhism. None-the-less, because of the lack of a local Buddhist congregation, and/or teachers the internet remained his only access to the teachings of the Buddha.

As a young adult, Rev. Tam Bi relocated to the nearest metropolitan area, Kansas City, Missouri where he made contact with the United Buddhist Church. After practicing with the local Sangha for some time, Rev. Tam Bi began engaging a formal student-teacher relationship with a Buddhist Master, and was ordained as a novice monk at the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California. After completing his two year novitiate, Rev. Tam Bi accepted the “higher” (upasampada) ordination of a fully ordained monk, at a grand ordination platform convened at Tu Bi Temple. Rev.

Tam Bi, currently exercises a concurrent vocation in the secondary education sector, while continuing his practice and study of Buddhism, following his interests in the history and practical applications of monastic living studying these things as well as practicing them daily through gardening, his many projects at his home Abbey and beyond.
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